Essential Love utilizes quality ingredients to moisturize and revitalize your skin. Shea butter & coconut oil comprise our Whipped Body Butter, and organic sugar is combined with both ingredients in order to create our phenomenal exfoliating Sugar Scrub. Both products create a long lasting moisture shield, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow that feels amazingly soft. The essential oils are added to provide uniquely beautiful fragrances to each product. Allow us to help you show your skin the love it deserves.

"Love is essential to life..."

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Create the best natural products for healthy skin, with scents that make you feel and smell luxurious.

Our Story


Love has always motivated me, and in a discussion with friends about love languages, I discovered that the way I enact mine was giving; be it my time, talents or something tangible. Inspired by a skin care product that was introduced to me by a friend, I discovered a way to give all three, birthing Essential Love Natural Skin Care. We are dedicated to providing quality products, which can only be achieved through the utilization of quality ingredients. All of our products contain a shea butter base, which provides your skin with nutrients and moisture, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. I am excited for you to experience my love language.